CD - Beatocello in e moll
Dr. Beat "Beatocello Richner plays Vivaldi, Brahms, Bach, Bruch in e minor.
Accompanied by Pascale Berthelot, piano
produced by Georges Gachot and Christoph Lehmann
Sound Enginineer : Balthasar Jucker
Recorded in Siem Reap, Cambodia, March 2006
© allrights Georges Gachot, 2006
MUSIC Tracks
vivaldi antonio
sonata no. 5 in eminor for violoncello and basso continuo, rv 40:
largo (Time 3:18)
allegro (Time 3:17)
largo (Time 4:02)
allegro (Time 2:03)
johann sebastian bach
suite no. 5 in c minor for violoncello solo, bwv 1011
prelude - sarabande (arranged by beat richner) (Time 5:04)
johann sebastian bach
toccata in e minor for keyboard, bwv 914 (Time 7:26)
Pascale berthelot, Piano
johannes brahms
sonata no. 1 in e minor for violoncello and piano, op. 38:
allegro non troppo 15:23
allegro quasi menuette, trio 5:44
9. allegro 7:55
Max Bruch:
kolnidrey op. 47 (arranged by beat richner)
Gachot store (International)
CD recording with celliste Dr. Beat "Beatocello" Richner accompanied with pianist Pascale Berthelot. Playing piece of Vivaldi, Bach Brahms and Bruch.


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