Brazilian Premiere
IN-EDIT São Paulo
Opening Film June 6th.
Cannes Filmfestival 2018
Market Screening by Doc & Film
Dok Fest München 2018
International Competition

Visions du Réel 2018

DOC & FILMS Presents
 A literay, musical quest after the biggest chimera
of Latin American music.
Freely adapted from the book by Marc Fischer
With the participation of 
Max Simonischek
Joao Donato
Marcos Valle
Roberto Menescal
Anselmo Rocha
Rachel Balassiano - Octavio Terceiro - Garrincha
Cesar Gomes Villela - Geraldo Ribeiro de Miranda
Wander Conceicao - Fausto Ribeiro de Miranda
 A co-production between
Switzerland, Germany & France
Gachot Films
Idéale Audience
Neos Film
Coproduced by
in collaboration with
Supported by
Office fédérale de la culture
Zürcher Filmstiftung
Succès Passage Antenne SRG SSR
Fonds culturel Suissimage
Media Desk Suisse
Founds culturel société Suisse des Auteurs
Deutscher Filmförderfonds DFFF
FilmFernsehfonds Bayern FFF
Georges Gachot
Pierre-Olivier Bardet
Christoph Menardi
Andreas Atzwanger
Written by
Georges Gachot
Paolo Poloni
Directed by
Georges Gachot
Stéphane Kuthy
Balthasar Jucker
Julie Pelat
Re-recording mixer
Michael Kranz
Traudl Nicholson
João Donato

Film length
107 minutes
German, Portugese, French, English
Filmed in Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Diamantina
Where are you João Gilberto? is a feature-length documentary adapted from the book Hobalala by the German journalist and writer, Marc Fischer. In his book originally written in German, Marc Fischer tells of his compulsive search for the last great musical legend of our time, the Brazilian musician João Gilberto. The creator of the Bossa Nova and a modern myth of popular music, Gilberto has not appeared in public for decades.
Though Marc Fischer ultimately fails in his efforts to track down and meet João Gilberto, he does succeed in compiling an animated account of Brazil's music and culture, and especially of its most electrifying tradition, the Bossa Nova. Published in hardback by Rogner & Bernhard in 2011 and later in paperback by the prestigious German publisher Suhrkamp, this exceptionally well documented, lively and witty book is filled with delightful anecdotes. It has been translated into Portuguese and published in Brazil by Companhia das Letras. A week before his book came out, Marc Fischer committed suicide.
Driven by the same passion that possessed Marc Fischer, our film follows his footsteps as it sets out on its own journey through Brazil to discover João Gilberto. Like Marc Fischer, we ask who is João Gilberto, where is he hiding and why has he disappeared from sight? What is the essence of the Bossa Nova, this musical movement he worked with others to create?
With the advantages of cinema and a local knowledge he did not always have, we shall take up Marc's quest by following the trail of his legacy as we pursue the story, heart and soul of João Gilberto and his Bossa Nova with all the nostalgic longing of saudade.
Over the past twelve years, Georges Gachot has produced and directed three feature-length films on Brazil's greatest artists and musics. On numerous occasions, Gachot has unsuccessfully tried to gain a first-hand account of João Gilberto's life and work. In a way, Marc Fischer's story is his own. This similarity in (temporary) adversity is at once an asset and our inspiration. As in Hobalala, our narrative is shaped by the twists and turns of the very pursuit: the Bossa Nova is our plot and João Gilberto our hitchcockian Mac Guffin. But who can say that we will not encounter João Gilberto?
(Portuguese Version of the Fischer's book)
(Alternative Poster)
Filmexplorer (25/4/2018)
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