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Music documentary films for cinema

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Boîtes à musique (Short)

A Gachot Films production
Co-produced with Ideale Audience, Neos Film, SRF, RTS, ARTE, Bayerischer Rundfunk
Pord. Year : 2018
Lenght: 100 min (Cinéma)
Format: 16/9 ratio
Sound: stereo or Dolby Digital 5.1
Produced & directed by Georges Gachot
Produced in 2016
Lenght 8 minutes 10 sec.
Format, 16:9 / Colour / HD Cam / sound 5.1 / DCP
Sound: 5.1 / Stereo
Original Language: no dialog
Music original: Banda Cê
World premiere - Mostra Sao Paulo 2017

O Samba

Rio Sonata, Nana Caymmi

Produced & directed by Georges Gachot
Coproduced with: ZDF & ARTE, SRF , SRG SSR
Produced in 2014
Lenght 82 minutes
Format, 16:9 / Colour / HD Cam / sound 5.1 / DCP
Sound: 5.1 / Stereo
Original Language: Portuguese & French

FIPA 2014 - Opening film & Competition

Produced & directed byGeorges Gachot
Coproduced with: Schweizer Fernsehen , SRG SSR idée Suisse
Produced in 2010
Lenght 84 minutes
Format, 16:9 / Colour / HD Cam / 35 mm
Sound: Dolby Digital / Stereo
Original Language: Portugese / Brasilian

Maria Bethânia, música é perfume

Martha Argerich, Evening Talks

Produced & directed by Georges Gachot
Coproduced with: SRF & Idéale Audience, Pierre-Olivier Bardet
Produced in 2005
Lenght 82 minutes (Cinéma)
35 mm / Dolby Digital
Format, 1:1.66 / Colour
Original Language: Portugese / Brasilian
Festival Intl. Del Nuovo Cine Latinoamericano -La Habana
- Premio Especial Cubadisco -
Festival Di Pallazio Venezia Roma
- Award For Best Film Category Music
- Award For the Best Soundtrack
Fama Film Festival - Special Jury Award -
Washington DC International Film Festival (Public Awards)
A Georges Gachot & Ideale Audience production
Co-produced with ARTE France, Bayerischer Rundfunk
With the participation of DRS / TSR / TSI / SVT / ORF / NRK /
SBS TV Australia / ARTV
Pord. Year : 2002
Lenght: 62 min (TV) orn (Cinéma)
Format: 16/9 ratio
Sound: stereo or Dolby Digital 5.1
Premio Asolo Per La Sezione Biografia D'artista 2003
Prix "Citation Musique" 26ième Festival Intl. Du Film D'art Et Pédagogique 2002, Unesco
Prix Italia 2002 "Documentary On Music And The Arts"
"Golden Prague" 2002
- Cezch Crystal For Best Documentary;
- Best Film Students Jury


Films about Dr. Beat Beatocello Richner in Cambodia

L'ombrello di Beatocello

15 years of Kantha Bopha

Produced & directed by Georges Gachot
Coproduced with: Schweizer Radio & Fernsehen, SRG SSR, idéale Audience
Produced in 2012
Lenght 83 minutes
Format, 16:9 / Colour / HD Cam / sound 5.1 / DCP
Sound: 5.1 / Stereo
Original Language: French, english, Khmer, German, Swissgerman
Visions du Réel 2012 - Opening film
Produced & directed byGeorges Gachot
Produced in 2007
Lenght 42 minutes
Format, 16:9 / Colour
Sound: Stereo

Original Language: French / English

Money or Blood

...And The Beat Goes On

Produced and directed by Georges Gachot
Coproduced with: Teleclub AG, TSR - SSR SRG Idee Suisse
Produced in 2004
Lenght 68 minutes (Cinéma)
58 minutes (TV)
35 mm / Dolby SR
Format, 1:1.85 / Colour
Filmed in Cambodia (Siemreap, Phnom Penh and Switzerland)
Languages: Khmer, French, German, English
German Titel: Geld Oder Blut
A Georges Gachot production
Pord. Year : 2000
Lenght: 65 min. / Color
Format, 1:1.85
35 mm / Dolby digital

Shoot in Cambodia

Bach At The Pagoda

Gérard Depardieu Goes for Beatocello

Produced and directed by Georges Gachot
Length: 61'
Produced in 1997
Genre: Documentary, music
Shot in Cambodia
Produced & Directed by Georges Gachot
Filmed in Cambodia, juin 2001
Pord. Year : 2001
Lenght: 24 min. / Color
Format, 16:9
Caméra: Giorgio Zehnder
Sound: Andreas Litmanowitsch
Edited: Mirjam Krakenberger


Music Documentary Films for TV

Claude Debussy "music can't be learnt..."

Concerto Cantabile, Rodion Shchedrin

Produced by METROPOLITAN München
Lenght: 58'30"
Pord. Year : 2000
Format: 16/9 ratioSound: stereo
Portrait of the french Composer
Produced by Loft music / METROPOLITAN/ SF DRS
Lenght: 48 min.
Pord. Year : 1999
Format: 16/9 ratio
Film about the russian composer Rodion Shchedrin and the premiere of his violin concerto "Concerto Cantabile" in Zurich in 1998 with violonist Maxim VENGOROV and conducted by Mariss JANSONS.
Allready schown on SF DRS 1, BR (Germany), NRK2 (Norway)

Kultur für Alle

Wilfried Hiller, Ein musikalischer Geschichtenerzähler
Produced by Georges Gachot
Co-produced by DRS / TSR / TSI / 3 satPord. Year : 1999  
Lenght: 45'
Format: 16/9 ratio
Sound: stereo
Description: Ein Film über das Migros-Kulturprozent und die "50 Jahre Klubhaus-Konzerte" 1948-98
Producer: BR / LOFT music
Length: 56'
Prod. Year: 1998
Format: 16/9 ratio
Genre: Documentary
Redaktion: Korbinian Meyer (BR)


Grace Bumbry, "What a lucky girl I am..."

(Gezeiten / Les marées)
Executive producer: Georges Gachot
Producer: ZDF-Second German channel
Length: 7' / Pro. year: 1997 / Video Betacam SP, 4/3
Shooting location: Brittany France
Music: Arvo Pärt Magnificat,
Director of photography: David Gopsill (UK)
Editing: Ruth Schläpfer (CH)
Producer: ZDF-Second German channel
Redaktor: Helmut Rost
Length: 58'
Prod. Years: 1996
Genre: Documentary, portrait
Description: Portrait about the American mezzo-soprano and soprano, Grace Bumbry. She has been hailed by The new York Times as "not just another opera star, but a singer, which is a much rarer and more cherishable phenomenon."
Review: Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Interview mit Grace Bumbry

Wilhelm Killmayer, A german composer

Carl Loewe, "Und er singt die neue Weise..."

Producer: BR / LOFT music
Length: 45'
Prod. Years: 1995
Genre: Documentary
Soloist: Wilhelm Killmayer, Kim Kashkashian, Thomas Zehetmair, Boris Pergamenschikow, Ulrike Sonntag.

A LOFT music production
Length: 30'
Prod. Year: 1996
Genre: Documentary. Concert performance
Cast: Hermann Prey (Baritone)
Producer: SWF-Süd West Funk / LOFT music

Santa Fe, Pinchas Zukerman & Marc Neikrug

Producer: BMG Classics / LOFT music
Length: 80' 19 "
Prod. Years: 1994
Genre: Documentary / Concert performances / music Visualization
Description: This video is a meeting with two wonderful musicians. Within a background of the changing landscape of the New Mexico and the music of a concert that took place in Santa Fe, Zukerman and Neikrug evoke their experiences for us, their working together, their friendship. 1994 marked the twentieth anniversary of the Zukerman/Neikrug duo.

Holy Russia, Celebrates The Festival Of Christmas

Naxos Musical Journey

Producer: Robin Scott for NVC Arts / Warner Music Group
Length: 58'
Prod. Years: 1993
Genre: Documentary, music visualization
Video Distr.: Teldec Video / Warner Music Group
Description: This is the first televised journey into the monastery and churches of Russia. The programme features two great orthodox choirs which perform hymns of the Russian Church with the blessing of the Patriarch Alexi II. This accompanied by rich, visual images of the Russia Orthodox churches of Moscow and the legendary cities of the Golden Ring,a dazzling succession of holy places northeast to east of Moscow, with their magnificent interiors and beautiful hand-painted icons.
55 programs directed of 60 minutes each. (1990 - 1993)
Executive producer: RBF Filmstore AG
Producer: HNH Int. Ltd.
 Description: The NAXOS Video Classics invite you on a journey though the most beautiful European cities, castles monasteries, museums or simply through natural landscape. With this musical travel you will discover the powerful link between the impressive sights and the rhythms articulated through those great composers who were inspired by them.
Main programs:
Vivaldi IV Seasons,
Bruckner symph. No. IV
Mozart Requiem
Elgar, Enigma variation
Saint-Saëns, Carnival of the Animals
Liszt, Piano conc. No. 1 & 2
Ravel, Bolero
Grieg, Peer Gynt, Piano concerto

Bach, piano concerto



Boîtes à musique - 2016
O Samba - 2014
Rio Sonata, Nana Caymmi - 2010
Maria Bethânia, música é perfume - 2005
Martha Argerich, Evening Talks - 2002
Claude Debussy "Music can't be learnt..." - 2000
Kultur Für Alle - 1999
Concerto Cantabile, Rodion Shchedrin - 1999
Wilfried Hiller... ein musikalischer Geschichtenerzähler - 1998
Tides - 1997
Grace Bumbry "What a lucky girl I am..." - 1996
Carl Loewe "Und er singt die neue Weise..." - 1996
Wilhelm Killmayer, a german composer - 1995
Santa Fe, with Pinchas Zukerman & Marc Neikrug - 1994
Holy Russia, Celebrates The Festival Of Christmas - 1993
Video Classics for Naxos- 1990 -1993
Petite histoire symphonique racontée par Anton Dvorak - 1989
L'ombrello di Beatocello - 2012
15 years of Kantha Bopha - 2007
Money or Blood - 2004
Gérard Depardieu Goes for Beatocello - 2002
...And The Beat Goes On - 2000
Bach at the Pagoda - 1997



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